IT Service Management Education and Advisory Services

We believe that our small team of highly-capable industry experts can run circles around the standard offerings of our competitors. Our staff includes experienced IT professionals maintaining skills and certifications in the latest best practice frameworks.

Our organization, led by these industry experts, maintains a flat management structure. This reduces the unnecessary overhead and bureaucracy allowing us to be agile and responsive to your specific needs. And, without the bloat of other service providers, we can offer exceptional ITSM Education and Consulting at some of the best price points in the industry.

Results Matter. And we will Guarantee them.

Let’s work together to clearly define the results your IT Service Management Education or ITSM Consulting engagement should deliver. We want to work with you on clear, tangible results. And when we commit to those results, our team will do whatever it takes to drive success. Guaranteed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to building IT Service Management capabilities in your organization. It is best to discuss your organization and your specific goals before building a training plan. We can help you customize a training plan that meets your organization’s needs. Contact us for a consultation. 

There is no catch. We offer some of the best pricing in the industry because we operate with very little overhead. We use expert instructors and exceptional course content to drive the best customer experience while reducing the administrative overhead. 

Our price quotes are often less than half of the closest competitor. Seriously.

Absolutely. We will customize a training plan that fits your organization. We can adjust course timing, length, accommodate shift-schedules, etc.  We will work with your team to identify the best delivery mechanisms to meet your needs.

We can help in several ways. There are too many providers that do an inadequate job training in a particular framework. We don’t want you to have a poor opinion of a great framework resulting from a bad experience. Our instructors are experts in their fields and they know how to engage the audience and make the concepts relevant. 

If you’ve had a bad experience with another provider, give us the chance to show you how things should be done. Contact us and we’ll discuss options to get things back on track. 

We offer our consulting and advisory services through different models, depending on the requirements of the organization. We can provide objective-based pricing against clearly defined criteria or we can provide time-boxed pricing when specific and measurable objectives are difficult to precisely define. 

Whichever model is best suited to your needs, we will seek to deliver against your expectations and drive real, sustainable results. 

We run promotions from time to time on specific training or consulting initiatives. The best way to stay informed of our promotions is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. 

We may also offer our customers incentives based on volume and future training or consulting commitments. 

In certain circumstances, we may offer extended payment terms. If you have specific needs, please contact us to discuss your particular situation. 


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