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Will ITIL Certification Help?

Perhaps you’ve seen a job where ITIL® certification is required. Maybe ITIL is referenced in an RFP and you need to respond. Or someone in the office mentioned working in an “ITIL shop” in a previous position. If it’s new to you, you might be wondering if obtaining ITIL certification will help.

There is a short answer and a longer answer. If you want to cut to the chase, YES, ACHIEVING THE ITIL CERTIFICATION WITH A REALLY GOOD INSTRUCTOR CAN PROVIDE TREMENDOUS BENEFIT. Go here to bring it a class onsite or to register for an online class with a really good instructor.

Now, the longer answer. It’s still a yes, but there are a few caveats that must be discussed.

First – Certification is almost always a positive. An ITIL certificate demonstrates that you have been exposed to the concepts through an approved course and have passed the exam. It’s important to review the syllabus for each ITIL course to understand if a specific class will leave you with the right level of comprehension on your desired subject matter. I’d also review the post I wrote about whether or not the ITIL exams are a good indicator of actual knowledge and capability. That said, ITIL certification is good on a resume and certainly helps in a job hunt.

Second – There are some who have a negative impression of ITIL. This usually comes as a result of a poor implementation, usually under the leadership of an individual who insists on doing things exactly “by the book” (ITIL, by its nature is not intended to be a prescriptive framework). There are occasions where you must overcome other’s preconceived notions of ITIL.

Third – The right training is everything. There are training companies and trainers that simply focus on passing the exam. I believe that these companies and the instructors who work for them have really impacted the perceived value of the ITIL certification. See my blog on the two types of trainers to understand my rationale.

Forth – I generally recommend some familiarity with other framework and service management approaches. Take the time to look up some information on Agile, DevOps, ISO20000, VeriSM, etc. Broader context provides greater value than studying ITIL in isolation.

Keeping these things in mind, there is great value in the ITIL certification. But the certification itself should only be part of the equation. Also determine what knowledge and capabilities you’d like to build. If you want, take the time to reach out to me and I’ll gladly talk to you about the right approach to ITIL certification.

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