Who should take ITIL training?

Who Needs ITIL Training?

You’re likely aware that there are benefits to ITIL® certification but aren’t sure if you should take it. Or perhaps you don’t know who in the organization should take the training. After all, training budgets tend to be precious commodities and we should spend those resources wisely. I’d like to give you several perspectives in answering this question. Understanding which category you fit into should help guide your decision-making. Even though we are a training company who offers ITIL training, we don’t want to mislead you with blanket statements. So please feel free to contact us if you want any clarification on the approach you should take.

An organized training approach

If your organization is some internal IT issues which need to be addressed, you can certainly benefit from a structured approach to IT Service Management. For an organization facing this type of challenge, start with a staggered training approach. While you are planning for ITIL, some good root-cause analysis training could help you identify issues and prioritize corrective actions. Don’t wait until after the ITIL training to triage critical issues.

From an ITIL training perspective, begin with key decision-makers, senior IT leaders, and key-influencers. Determine if there is buy-in and commitment for an ITSM improvement / implementation initiative based on ITIL. If so, continue the training plan.

Once the initial group has been trained, identify key staff who will be directly involved in the implementation. Begin the training program with the implementation staff. It is critical to determine what capabilities will be required during the implementation. It’s advisable to talk to an experienced expert who can help determine appropriate training for your implementation staff.

The third training group should be more broad-based. The core of this group will take the Foundation level course and likely not need additional training unless the organizational dynamics change or they move to a new role. This group should include other stakeholders in IT or on the Business side who will be influenced or impacted by improved ITSM practices.

ITIL Training is beneficial to the following key organizational teams:

  • Service Desk staff
  • Network Operations Center staff
  • Desktop Support
  • Server Administration
  • Storage Administration
  • Database Administration
  • Application Management teams
  • Development teams
  • Network teams
  • Business Analysts
  • Process Managers
  • Technology Managers
  • IT / Business Liaisons
  • Asset Managers
  • Technical Staff

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