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We build Capabilities

Better Instructors

The foundation of a great training experience is a great instructor. Our instructors are some of the highest rated in the world in their specialties – not just for their real-world experience, but for their classroom delivery.

Great instructors connect. They build relationships within the classroom. They find the right way to facilitate knowledge transfer and adjust to the dynamics of the modern classroom. A great trainer ensures that students learn and take skills back to their workplace. 

We only use the best trainers. Period. We stake our business on it. 

Better Content

Training content in most technical frameworks can be boring and unappealing. Our goal is to use the best content available to match delivery and learning styles. Sometimes that means we license great content or we develop our own.

Our aim is to provide valuable content that doesn’t collect dust after the class. Content should be organized and appropriate for use in the real-world. We strive to provide engaging and targeted content to facilitate the most effective knowledge transfer possible. 

Here's How our Students Rate us

Based on Classroom Feedback

We rate the instructors and content in every class. These ratings are based on actual student feedback over the last two years.

Students who would take another class from this instructor.
Instructor met or exceeded student expectations.
Content met or exceeded student expectations.
Students who would recommend the training to others.

Our Instructors Are advisors

Want to go Beyond the classroom

Our instructors have capabilities beyond the classroom. Each instructor is an industry expert in their particular field. If you need a custom course, or you just need some consulting beyond a training course, our Advisory Services might be a great fit for you.

From ITSM, Agile, Process Implementation, to Root-Cause Analysis efforts, our advisory services can help support your business immediately. Contact us today to learn more. 

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