Comprehensive Service Management Training and Advisory Offerings

We provide IT Service Management training and advisory services covering the most popular and relevant frameworks in the industry. Our expert trainers are industry leaders with a passion for high-quality training and capability development. Whether you are interested in ITIL, Agile, DevOps, Lean, or other frameworks, we can help.

Our Services

ITIL Certification Courses

As an Accredited Training Organization, we offer the full range of ITIL Certification Courses. We produce our own ITIL training content allowing us to develop our courses with our customers in mind. Our courses are highly engaging with exercises that lead to direct application opportunities for our students.

Our instructors are real-world consultants who are experts in various fields. They bring more than book-knowledge to the classroom. You'll learn from their real world examples.

ITIL is the most widely recognized framework for IT enabled services in the world. It supports organizations and individuals to gain optimal value from IT and digital services. It helps define the direction of the service provider with a clear capability model and aligns them to the business strategy and customer needs. ITIL provides comprehensive, practical and proven guidance for establishing a service management system. It also provides a common language for businesses using IT-enabled services.

Agile Scrum Master Courses

Scrum is an agile framework that helps teams work together to develop, deliver, and manage complex software products. It increases team productivity by encouraging team players to learn through experiences, to self-organize, and to continuously improve output.

IT teams use Scrum to develop, deliver, and maintain complex software products However, the principles of this framework can be applied to all kinds of areas including research, sales, marketing, and customer support, amongst others. We offer Scrum Master 1, Scrum Master 2, and Scrum Product Owner courses.

Root Cause Analysis Workshops

Root Cause Analysis seeks to drive to deeper causes, identify primary and contributing factors, and take action to prevent or mitigate impact.

Our Root Cause Analysis workshops are built on a rational and interoperable framework that provides the necessary tools and formats to help solve technical and non-technical problems. 

Process and Practice Implementation

IT Service Management practices can be complex and highly interdependent. Our skilled consultants work in a variety of fields and have real-world experience implementing and refining IT Service Management Practices and Processes.

We can help to set your organization’s strategy in relation to an IT Service Management practice, assist with the design of processes and workflows, work with you on the implementation, operation and improvement of your critical IT Service Management practices. We offer detailed documentation and implementation services.

ITSM Assessment Services

Understanding how your team or organization is performing is critical. Many organizations fail to gain an objective external perspective on their performance. We can provide an objective, unbiased, and repeatable assessment of you IT Service Management practices.

Leveraging a repeatable and objective assessment methodology allows the organization to gain a better understanding of its performance, areas where improvement is necessary, and its performance against similar organizations within the industry. We use a clear, methodical approach to IT Service Management assessment that provides objective results.