Root-Cause Analysis for Organizations

A Robust Root-Cause Analysis Framework

Our Practical Approach Leverages The Power of Thinking Processes

Today’s high-velocity interconnected world requires an adaptable and scaleable framework for Root-Cause Analysis. Move beyond asking “why” and learn to leverage the right modes of thinking to accurately determine causes.

In our root-cause analysis courses, you’ll hone your problem-solving and analysis skills, learn to engage different modes of thinking, and how to properly apply seven practical processes that allow you to analyze any situation – from highly technical to “soft” issues. 

You’ll solve real-world issues using our robust and proprietary framework enabling immediate and long-term benefit to your organization. 

We solve Real-World Problems

How is our Approach Different?


Our 7-process framework is adaptable to any situation and any organization. You'll learn how to actually implement the framework in your organization.


Our framework is measurable and performance-driven. You'll learn how to implement in a meaningful way and clearly show the actual performance changes that result from implementing our framework.

Cost Effective

Learn to properly apply Root-Cause Analysis techniques to boost the organization's bottom line. Learn to recognize the point of diminishing returns.

Increased Capability

The skills learned in our Root-Cause Analysis course have benefit beyond the classroom. Students will leverage their new skills to increase capabilities in other areas where practical thinking modes can be applied.


Our framework benefits the individual but it also enables collaboration. Benefit from a framework that helps you discover and build relationships across organizational silos.


You won't just discover root-causes, you'll also learn how to apply beneficial solutions that enable organizational success. You'll learn the power of solution-oriented action.

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