Root-Cause Analysis

Learn a dynamic, process-oriented approach for determining root-cause. Our courses use a blend of immersive case studies and real-world organizational issues to provide a foundation for practical root-cause analysis. 

Basics of Incident Management

Learn the basics of Incident Management, including basic troubleshooting skills, modes of thinking, and incident response techniques. Identify the most valuable information in an incident situation.

Recommended for anyone involved in incident response, troubleshooting, or Incident Managers.  

1 Day

Available on-site or online

Starting at $495


An immersive learning experience that covers basic incident techniques, problem-solving activities, analysis of actual and underlying causes. Hard problem-solving skills are honed through a series of increasingly difficult problem situations.

Recommended for higher-tier incident practitioners, Incident Managers, Problem Managers, and anyone involved in Major Incident response.

2 or 3 Days

Available on-site

Starting at $1395

True Root-Cause Analysis

Immersive, case-study based learning supplemented by real-world organizational issues. Students will learn how to move beyond immediate causes, research and analyze root causes, and learn to implement corrective actions. Students will discover tools for root-cause analysis through a process-oriented approach. 

Recommended for Problem Managers or any organization seeking to move beyond “basic” problem-solving enabling a true practice of root-cause analysis to be established.

2, 3, or 4 Days


Starting at $1595

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