Common ITIL Questions

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Common ITIL® Training Question

As a consultant and instructor in the IT Service Management industry, I deal with common ITIL training questions on a regular basis. I’d like to take a moment to respond to some of the most common questions. While this list is certainly not exhaustive, it probably touches on a few questions you’ve had about ITIL training.

What is ITIL Training?

ITIL is a framework of best practice for the IT Service Management industry. ITIL describes various practices leveraged by organizations to handle certain types of work. ITIL provides guidance on these practices including practice definitions, goals, objectives, metrics, and the application of the practice in the broader scope of value co-creation.

There are various levels of ITIL training. The ITIL Foundation course should be considered an introductory course to IT Service Management and describes selected key concepts, definitions, practices, guiding principles, and ITIL’s Service Value System.

Additional ITIL courses cover more advanced subjects and the application of the ITIL framework, practices, guiding principles, value streams, and other concepts to specific contexts. These courses are divided into the ITIL Managing Professional track and the ITIL Strategist track.

The ITIL Managing Professional track includes the following courses:
Drive Stakeholder Value
Create, Deliver and Support
High Velocity IT
Direct, Plan and Improve

The ITIL Strategic Leader track includes the following courses:
Direct, Plan and Improve
Digital and IT Strategy

Who Needs ITIL Training?

One of the most common questions about ITIL training relates to who should take ITIL Training courses. Every stakeholder in the IT organization, or those who work with IT, Development, or IT Support, will benefit from some ITIL training. Because the ITIL Foundation course provides an introduction to IT Service Management and provides a common language for those who work within or deal with IT Services, I highly recommend that every stakeholder attends an ITIL Foundation course.

Beyond the ITIL Foundation level, stakeholders who will benefit from the particular subject matter related to the course’s topics should attend.

If your organization maintains a team that oversees Service Management, developing those personnel through the entire Managing Professional and Strategic Leader tracks will provide a strong benefit to the organization.

What is ITIL Certification?

When an individual attends and ITIL course and passes the corresponding exam, they are awarded a certificate. This is commonly referred to as achieving ITIL certification. The certificate is awarded by the exam agency to the individual who has passed the exam.

What is ITIL V4

Since ITIL reflects best practice in the IT Service Management industry, it does change over time. ITIL V4 is the evolution of ITIL’s framework based on current best practices. Since best practices change over time, ITIL will continue to reflect the latest trends in the industry.

Who owns ITIL?

The intellectual property for ITIL is owned by AXELOS Limited. Only an accredited training organization or their affiliate can provide ITIL training?

Who can provide ITIL training?

Only an accredited training organization or their affiliate can provide ITIL training. Training, content, and instructors are all strictly controlled to quality in the delivery of ITIL Training courses.

How long is ITIL Training?

Accredited training organizations and courseware providers build their training courses against an official syllabus. Some training providers vary the total length of the course while maintaining adherence to the course syllabus. Generally, the ITIL Foundation and ITIL Specialist courses are delivered over three days each although this may vary. Check with your training provider if you have specific questions on the length of each course.

How is ITIL Training? What is ITIL Training like? Is ITIL Training boring?

Because each training provider handles their courses in a different way, these questions are sometimes difficult to answer. There are several key factors – mainly, the instructor and the content. Some instructors are much less engaging than others. At Knowledge Squared, we have very high standards for our instructors that include knowledge and experience, personality and engagement, and classroom performance. We couple a great instructor with excellent content. Our content is designed to engage the student; not just to provide a list of key words and definitions.

ITIL training should be an enjoyable and engaging learning experience. That’s what we strive to do here, but we can’t speak for other organizations. Be cautious of big-box training organizations that are more focused on shoving students through courses than they are concerned with the overall training experience.  


There are many more questions about ITIL training that I’d be happy to answer for you. Feel free to reach out to us any time for more information.


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