Create, Deliver and Support

ITIL® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support

The ITIL 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support course provides universal guidance that further explores the concepts introduced in ITIL 4 Foundation, while covering challenges that modern enterprises face – from professionalism, team culture and collaboration, to outsourcing work and managing multiple suppliers.
It is the logical next step after ITIL 4 Foundation for those wanting to make immediate tangible changes to their organization’s working methods in service management. The module is less about technical aspects, and more on a practical and holistic approach to the creation and management of effective and streamlined services.

Key Benefits of ITIL Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support

• Improve established processes – With the adoption of ITIL Practices
which enable working methods to be seen in the context of the entire IT
function and wider business strategy. Improve how services are developed
and how users are supported.


• Increase service efficiency – This module helps IT professionals to utilize
the ITIL practices and effectively measure service performance to improve
efficiencies across teams, value streams and workflows.

• Create an effective flow of work – Learn how to plan and manage
resources into effective value streams. Utilize new approaches such as
SHIFT LEFT and CI/CD to improve flow. Bring improved, flexible, and
optimized services that meet demand and encourage systems-thinking.

• Utilize new technologies – The module enables the flexibility to integrate
new technologies across the value chain such as robotics, AI, machine
learning and advanced analytics; and to evolve as new innovations emerge.

• Create a culture for success – Understand new ways of working, such as
Agile and DevOps to improve communication and integration between
service creation, delivery and support teams. Understand Servant
Leadership to create autonomous teams for the future.

• Benefit from new ways of working – Use the ITIL guiding principles to
establish a universal approach to work across multiple methodologies and frameworks. These principles help align ways of working to enable end-to-
end service delivery.

• Increase your knowledge and skillset – Add a recognized certification to
your resume that demonstrates a clear understanding of how to create,
deliver and support services for the modern digital world.

Change Enablement

Change Enablement

Deployment Management

Incident Management

Knowledge Management

Monitoring and Event Management

Practices Covered in Create, Deliver, & Support

Release Management

Service Design

Service Desk

Service Level Management

Service Validation & Testing

Software Development & Management

Create, Deliver and Support Addresses Real-World Challenges

With the speed of change and the pressure for IT teams to keep-up, IT professionals must ensure that the services that they deliver continue to meet demand and evolve at an increasing rate. 

There is a need for all professionals across the end-to-end service, from creation to ongoing delivery, to have a clear focus on customer value and have the tools to create an effective and streamlined service management function. 

Services must be stable and resilient while adapting to changing requirements. 

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Who Should Attend?

IT practitioners and leaders managing the operation of IT-enabled & digital products and services. Anyone responsible for delivery including development, deployment, and monitoring and support. Anyone responsible for assuring that services are delivered and supported according to agreed levels.

IT Operations Managers

Service Desk Managers

Development Managers

Availability Managers

Network Systems Administrators

Information Security


Infrastructure Operations Engineers

Change & Release Managers

Incident Managers

IT Support Managers

Problem Managers

Service Transition Managers

Application Operations Engineers

IT Coordinators

Technical Support Engineers

Data Center Support Specialists

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ITIL Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support

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